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TraXTraX Travel Explorer

TraX offers a centralized source of travel information to include travel assistance, training, access to trip tools, and other useful information.

  • Travel Assistance
    Submit online help tickets directly to the Travel Assistance Center (TAC). Users can easily track the progress of open tickets and view their ticket history. Before submitting a help ticket, users are encouraged to use the Knowledge Search or contact their local help desk for assistance.

  • Training
    Access all of the web-based and distance learning travel training offered by DTMO. TraX recommends training based on the user role selected. Launch a web-based course directly from TraX or register for upcoming distance learning sessions. TraX also maintains your class schedule and keeps a record of completed training and certificates of completion.

  • Trip Tools
    TraX provides users with useful trip planning tools such as a trip calculator, maps, and location reports that include travel advisories, health and safety considerations, embassy phone numbers, and weather forecasts. The Trip Calculator allows you to create, save, edit, or email a trip estimate that includes daily per diem.

  • Knowledge Center
    Use the search feature for instant access to guides, resources, and hundreds of frequently asked questions. Users can search, rate, and receive automatic notifications when FAQ answers are updated.  

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