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Sample Statement and Computation of Liabilities and Credits for <span style='color:navy; font-weight:bold'>Violation</span> of Renewal Agreement ( JTR , par . 054914 ) The per diem and mileage rates used in the following example are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect current rates . Refer to the Defense Travel Management Office
Microsoft Word - CE-CPDT-01 (02-19-19)
Per Diem , Travel , and Transportation Allowance Committee ( PDTATAC ) Agreement <span style='color:navy; font-weight:bold'>Violations</span> for Transfers to , from , and within CONUS ( JTR , par . 054913 - C ) A civilian employee’s financial responsibility to the Government for travel and transportation allowances and costs for a permanent
Microsoft Word - Final Update 6-4-21 Travel Policy Compliance Tool User Guide_2.0_DRAFT_
Joint Travel Regulations
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