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Top DTS Workarounds

If you are experiencing any of the below Defense Travel System issues listed below, please attempt the workaround first before contacting the Travel Assistance Center.  

Login/Browser Issues





MACs unable to login using Safari. Additionally, Chrome not designed for MACs is able to be downloaded and installed on MACs causing this issue to occur.

DTS using Safari shows zero (0) documents and does not allow documents to be created. As a workaround until this issue is resolved, please select the following link and select the blue button that says "Download Chrome for MAC:"


"Error Loading Page" is received by travelers in a detached status

Receive the traveler into an organization. If traveler has two profiles and they are attempting to access their profile that is not detached, reset the User ID on their detached profile. Have traveler login using the appropriate SSN.


System Issues





Authorizations with CTO Amendments appear to be stuck in a “CTO TICKETED” status and cannot be stamped as Signed.

CTO Amended authorizations (common with most CTO TICKETED stamps) cannot be stamped due to an escalated system issue. Until this issue is resolved, follow these steps:

  1. Select Edit for the authorization from the dashboard (if the user is not the traveler, select Traveler Lookup to search for the traveler first)
  2. Select View Adjustments from the Review Trip Authorization screen
  3. Select Edit from this page for the current level
  4. Select the desired stamp on the Sign and Submit page


Blank Expense Names prevents Sign and Submit page from loading. Users are also unable to add or remove expenses.

Go to the Expenses page and delete the blank expense. Re-add the expense by using the available expense from the dropdown vice from the GTCC link or as a manually entered expense.


“Processing your request. We had trouble processing your document. Please try again later If this problem persists, contact your DTA.” When attempting to stamp the document.

This error is received when all expenses originally paid to one Line of Accounting (LOA) are later allocated to a different LOA. The original LOA will need to have an expense allocated to it.


ISE w/Method: applyNonMileageExpensesRules on Pre-audit (OR Null Pointer Error 90) with Certain New Expense Types

Imported documents receive an error on Pre-audit with certain new expense types.  These expense types include:

Lodging Resort Fees

Government Vehicle - Fuel/Oil

TMC Fee - Not in Air Amount

Lodging Early Check-In Fee

Lodging Retained on Leave

As a workaround until this issue is resolved, please use an alternative expense type that applies to the trip.


Error message "Personal plus GTCC must equal" is incorrectly received adjusting disbursements to GTCC

As a work around, please add a non- mileage expense for the same amount that needs to be disbursed and change the method of reimbursement to personal. Once added, you can adjust the disbursements accordingly. Once saved, the additional expense can be removed.


Routing Officials are looped back to Other Auths due to documents being Signed without additional remarks.

An adjustment must be made and an additional comment added to Other Auths prior to selecting Save and Proceed to submit the document.


TMC Issues





Document stuck at CTO SUBMIT after Trip Cancel

This issue is caused by reservations being cancelled in the document prior to selecting Trip Cancel. There is no workaround for this issue. Please submit a ticket to have the document Manually Abandoned. To avoid this issue in the future, do not cancel reservations within the document. Selecting the Trip Cancel link will cancel the reservations.


Return-Fare Expired stamp is only option available for routing officials on authorization amendments.

As a work around until this issue is resolved, it is recommended that the traveler verify the ticketed flights are correct and wait until after trip completion to TRIP CANCEL the authorization.  Once the authorization has been trip cancelled the traveler will need to create a new authorization for expenses.


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