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Obtaining Travel Explorer (TraX) Training Certificates (For APCs)

If you subscribe to the APC Toolkit RSS Feed, you may remember reading the last article on APC Training Opportunities that noted the mandatory APC training course “Travel Card Program Management (APC Web Based Training Course)” and cardholder training course “Travel Card Program (Travel Card 101)” are available in Travel Explorer (TraX).  The benefit of TraX is that itretains a copy of your mandatory Travel Card Program Management completion certificate, as well as the certificates that your cardholders receive for completing the Travel Card 101 course. Completion certificates can be easily printed and provided to APCs or CPMs, as needed.  While this feature is a nice one to have, it sometimes doesn’t work as designed.  If you or your cardholders have successfully completed a TraX WBT, but TraX doesn’t issue a training certificate – all is not lost!  The issue may be the age of the computer, compatibility, or security settings just to name a few.  Don’t get frustrated or think you or your cardholders need to retake the training course to obtain a certificate because here are a few troubleshooting options.

1. Determine how the training module was accessed in TraX.  If the person accessed a TraX-based WBT via a unit's SharePoint/Training/Helpful Links page or via a URL that opens the module directly, TraX won’t be able to issue a certificate and have it be saved to that person’s account. If the person launched the WBT from outside of TraX, advise them to always launch from within TraX. 
 − Resolution: Submit a ticket with a personal testimony of successful completion and explanation (See Final Resolution below) OR if they prefer,  have the person log into TraX and re-take the WBT assessment.

 2.  Check the pop-up blocker. If the course was launched from within TraX, next check to see if the pop-up blocker on their internet browser is turned off.  If the pop-up blocker is on, TraX won’t be able to issue a certificate upon completion of a WBT.  You can usually tell that a certificate got held up in a pop-up blocker because the internet browser will display an error message to that effect.
 − Resolution: Have the person turn off their pop-up blocker and, if preferred  instead of submitting a ticket requesting a certificate, re-take the WBT  assessment. (Tip: Have the person select the “Assessment” option from the  WBT’s menu – the person doesn’t have to revisit every WBT screen.)

3. Look under their Completed tab in the TraX > Training section.  If TraX successfully issued a training certificate, it will show up there.  If the completed certificate isn’t showing, it may be that the user didn’t wait enough time for the certificate to display. Users may just need to wait 24-48 hours for the system to refresh.  If they already have a certificate in the system and don't realize it, they may not get a new one.  Submitting a ticket won't help in that case.  So before they submit a ticket, they just need to check if their certificate may have been delayed in posting to the system. (Note:  If the person has multiple TraX accounts, make sure they’re logged into the TraX account they used to take the WBT.)
  − Resolution: If the certificate is on the Completed tab list, have the person  select the Print button, which allows them to download/print a copy of the certificate.

4. Check with your local IT support. IT support will be able to tell you if there are any workstation settings that conflict with the recommended settings (these are provided on the white Launch screen that appears when the person launches the APC WBT).
 − Resolution: If IT is able to update the settings, try having the person re- take the WBT assessment.  If the workstation settings are incompatible with  the WBT, and IT can’t change them, see if the person can try taking the  training on a different computer.  For example, some APCs and cardholders  take TraX training on their personal laptops (which doesn’t violate any DoD  policies, as TraX is open to anyone and doesn’t require a CAC for entry).

If none of the above resolutions produce a certificate, the person probably did not receive a certificate due to another technical glitch of some sort.  Taking the WBT again and again will not likely yield any improved results. Instead use this final resolution:
  − Final Resolution: Have the person go to TraX > Help Tickets and  request a certificate re-issue.  Be sure  that the person provides the name  of the WBT (the exact name, if possible), date the WBT was completed and a statement that they passed.  A screen shot of the score or a  personal statement that they passed the  WBT is accepted.  The Travel Assistance Center (TAC) usually will be able to provide a  certificate/resolution  on the same day.

Hopefully you and your cardholders will have initial success obtaining TraX-based WBT training certificates.  If not, advise them of the resolution options in this article and/or have them check outAnswer ID #1058 in the TraX Knowledge Center.

As a reminder, available training options are listed in the TraX > Training section or browse the Travel Training Program Fact Sheet.


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