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Travel Assistance Center Live Chat

To improve the customer experience, the Travel Assistance Center (TAC) offers a live chat capability to resolve the following issues:

  • DTS Login & Profile Issues

    • Logging into DTS
    • Update DTS Profile
    • Reject DTS self-registration
    • Detach request

  • TraX Issues

    • Logging into TraX
    • Update TraX email address
    • Training certificate issues
    • Request for training materials

  • CTO Submit & Reservation Issues (Please note that the TAC cannot make, change, or /ticket reservations.)

    • Authorizations stuck at CTO submit
    • Ticketing status inquiry
    • Ticketing declines/expired GTCC in DTS
    • Approval failure for unable to end the PNR
    • What is my CTO/TMC phone number?
    • Missing TSA information notice

Live Chat is currently configured to only field questions related to these types of issues. Analysts will direct users with all other questions to go through traditional TAC channels - by submitting a help desk ticket through the Tickets section of TraX or by calling the TAC directly. The Live Chat capability may be expanded to provide other types of assistance in the future.  

At the conclusion of the chat session, the conversation will be automatically transmitted to a help desk ticket that can be referenced via your help desk tickets in TraX.  Users will also have the opportunity to print the conversation directly from the chat box. 

For more information on how Live Chat works, see the Live Chat User Guide.


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