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Government (DoD) Lodging

DoD lodging is located on or near US military installations and is owned and operated by the Government. Travelers are able to book official travel lodging at Air Force Inns, Navy Gateway Inns & Suites are Navy Lodge and Army Lodging directly in DTS. Marine Corps lodging will be available in DTS in the future.

Policy on Use 

The Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) require:

  • Uniformed service members on orders to a U.S. military installation to check government quarters availability at the site to which they are temporarily assigned.  
  • Travelers (military and civilian) TDY to U.S. military installations at select Integrated Lodging Program sites to book government quarters before other lodging options.  
  • Travelers going TDY to use DTS to book lodging (DoD lodging, privatized, and commercial)

How to Book in DTS

DTS provides a single point of access for reservations, incorporates lodging information into travel documents (authorization/voucher), and automatically secures a certificate of non-availability confirmation number as required by policy when government quarters are not available. See the Official ILP Site Listing for all DoD lodging facilities available in DTS

DTS users creating an authorization for overnight travel are automatically routed to the lodging reservation module. If DoD lodging is available at the TDY location, it will display on the "Govt-DoD" tab. If TDY to an Integrated Lodging Program site and DoD Lodging is available and not used, DTS will display a pre-audit and automatically limit lodging reimbursement.  DTS also displays a pre-audit and limits reimbursement for Service members TDY to military installations that choose not to use available DoD Lodging. 

DoD Lodging Facilities

  • Army Lodging - The majority of Army lodging (41 locations) has been privatized through the Privatization of Army Lodging (PAL) program and is now managed by Intercontinental Hotels Group. The remaining CONUS location, Charlottesville,  and all foreign locations, are still managed by Army Lodging. More information and for reservations when DTS is not available, go to:
  • Navy Gateway Inns & Suites (NGIS) - Navy Gateway Inns & Suites (NGIS) offers over 27,000 guest rooms at 74 locations worldwide. It is considered priority-one lodging for all Navy TDY uniformed members, and also offers lodging services for individual/group TDY travelers, DoD civilians and Space Available (leisure) travelers (retirees) and reservists. More information and for reservations when DTS is not available, go to:
  • Navy Lodges - Navy Lodges are conveniently located around the world at most Navy Installations. TDY and PCS travelers will find clean and convenient lodging that includes all the new luxury amenities you would find at any commercial hotel. More information and for reservations when DTS is not available, go to:

  • Air Force Inns - Air Force Inns are conveniently located around the world at the majority of Air Force Installations. The TDY or PCS traveler will find the accommodations clean, convenient and with the required amenities found in commercial hotels to suit business needs. More information and for reservations when DTS is not available, go to:

  • Marine Corps - Transient Lodging facilities are considered priority-one lodging for the Marine TDY travelers offering professionally-managed, quality lodging and services while helping guests meet fiscal and mission goals. Additionally, Temporary Lodging Facilities (Inns of the Corps) offers short-term housing accommodations for military members, their families, and guests. The mission of the Temporary Lodging Facility is to provide quality accommodations at a reasonable price to PCS and TDY travelers. For locations and contact information for reservations, go to or Please note that at this time, Marine Corps lodging is not bookable in DTS.


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