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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions >POV Shipment from Outside the Continental United States

POV Shipment from Outside the Continental United States
Frequently Asked Questions
Updated: 19 December 2018

1. If I buy a POV at my duty station outside the United States (OCONUS), does it have to meet US import standards for me to ship it back when I PCS to the United States?

2. May I ship a second POV between OCONUS PDSs at Government expense and keep a POV in storage at Government expense?

3. May a POV shipment be authorized for a newly recruited civilian employee or inducted Service member between OCONUS locations? For example Puerto Rico to Hawaii

4. May I ship a POV under an Early Return of Dependent (ERD) order?

5. Is the Government obligated to return the POV to CONUS if initially shipped to the OCONUS PDS at Government expense?

6. Is POV transportation permitted, at Government expense, before a PCS or PDT order is issued to the civilian employee or Service member or a TCS order issued to a civilian employee?


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