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Frequently Asked Questions
Allowances > Frequently Asked Questions > Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA)

Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA)
Frequently Asked Questions
Updated: 17 December 2018

1. What is OHA?
3. Do I have to apply for OHA?
4. Do I have to apply for MIHA?
5. How do I know how much rent I can afford to pay?
6. How can I find out what kind of utility bills and move-in expenses to expect?
7. Will OHA cover all my housing costs?
8. I am planning to take my family overseas with me. Will I receive a housing allowance for them?
9. Where does the Department of Defense get the information that's used to set the allowances?
10. I've heard that utility bills are not sent out every month in some places overseas. Is that true?
11. How often is OHA reviewed?
12. I'll be paying my housing costs in the local currency, and the value of the dollar seems to change every other day. Is my housing allowance going to keep up with the changes?
13. Does the amount of OHA I receive affect my COLA?
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