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Mileage Rates
Frequently Asked Questions
Updated: 01 January 2019

1. How are rates determined to pay for business travel (TDY) by privately owned vehicle (POV)?

2. Why is the rate per mile different between TDY travel and MALT used for PCS if paying the same amount for gas at the pump?

3. What is the current mileage rate for using my personal vehicle for temporary duty (TDY)/local travel?

4. What is the current MALT rate for a DoD civilian employee or uniformed member using a car for PCS/relocation?

5. Is there a mileage reimbursement rate per kilometer?

6. Which MALT rate is used for computing reimbursement for a uniformed member when PCS travel includes TDY en route?


7. What is the mileage rate for transporting a mobile home or boat under PCS orders?


8. Explain the mileage allowance rates when picking up/ delivering a POV en route to/from the VPC or while still assigned to the old/new PDS?



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