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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions > Per Diem Meal Breakdown

Per Diem Meal Breakdown
Frequently Asked Questions
Updated: 04 December 2018

What is the maximum percentage breakdown for meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) within the daily locality per diem allowance rate?

DoD Proportional Meals Rate (PMR) allowance replaced the previous percentage breakdown of meals reimbursement system in 1996. The PMR simplified the meal-by-meal computation process when one or more meals were not available in a Gov’t mess or if a deductible meal is used.

The PMR allowance is applicable to the Uniformed Services, DoD Civilian employees, eligible non-DoD Civilian employees and individuals funded by DoD funds.
Department of State and GSA use the percentage breakdown for meals computation process as noted below which, is not authorized for the Uniformed Services and most DoD Civilian employees.

DoD Civilian employees whose official travel is funded by non-DoD funds are governed by the funding Agency travel and transportation regulations when applicable.

Meal Breakdown Tables (not authorized for use in DoD)

a.  Foreign & Non-Foreign OCONUS Locations - Provided by Department of State

b.  CONUS Locations - Provided by General Services Administration (GSA)

See JTR, par. 020304 for more information.

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