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Dual Allowances
Frequently Asked Questions
Updated: 30 October 2018

Allowances must not be used for the personal enrichment of a traveler or for other than the purposes intended. A traveler is subject to disciplinary review for inappropriate use of allowances, IAW JTR, par. 1035.

Service Member Married to Service Member

1. Are travel and transportation allowances affected when a Service member marries another Service member?

2. Are PCS travel and transportation allowances affected?

3. What about other allowances?

4. Is DLA affected?

5. Is TLE affected?

6. Is OHA, including the rent, utilities and Move-in Housing Allowance (MIHA) affected?

7. Are OCONUS station allowances (i.e., COLA or TLA) affected?

8. How about CONUS COLA?

Civilian Employee Married to Civilian Employee, Both Transferred in the Government's Interest to the Same PDS

9. Are travel and transportation allowances affected when a Civilian employee is married to another Civilian employee?

10. Are the individual renewal agreements for each Civilian employee affected by the marital status?

11. Are both Civilian employees authorized Miscellaneous Expense Allowances (MEA) in the same household?

12. Are HHG or POV transportation and POC allowances affected?

13. Is LQA affected?

14. Is Civilian Employee COLA (Post Allowance) affected?

Civilian Employee Married to Service Member, Both Transferred to the Same PDS

15. What is the travel and transportation allowances impact when a Civilian employee is married to a Service member?

16. Are any of the temporary quarters allowances (TQSA/TQSE/FTA (SE)/TLA/TLE) affected?

17. How about HHG transportation?

18. What about POV transportation?

19. If the Government transports my POV and it is delayed, is a rental car authorized at Government expense while waiting for my POV to arrive?

20. What about the Miscellaneous Expense Allowances (MEA) and Dislocation Allowance?

21.  How is the Living Quarters Allowance (LQA) and Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) affected?

22. How is COLA (Post Allowance) affected?



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