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Allowances > Frequently Asked Questions > Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)
Frequently Asked Questions
Updated: 13 February 2020

1. Who is eligible for BAH?

4. What changes were implemented in the BAH program in 2015?

5. Has an out-of-pocket cost ever been used in the Basic Allowance for Housing program?

6. How will the out of pocket impact service members?

7. What impact will removal of renters insurance have on Basic Allowance for Housing rates?

8. Does rate protection apply with these changes?

9. I looked up the current year BAH amount for my grade and zip code and it's less than I was getting last year. Am I going to lose money?

10. Can I ever lose rate protection?

11. If, in a given year, I lose rate protection, am I protected from further decreases in the following year(s)?

12. Does rate protection keep me from getting rate increases?

13. If I get promoted, do I get the "protected" BAH amount for my new pay grade?

14. Will I see big changes in housing allowances on 1 January?

15. I have some out-of-pocket expenses!

16. The BAH for my grade doesn't begin to cover my mortgage payment!

17. What is the source of BAH rental data?

18. What steps do you take to ensure reliability and accuracy of the data?

19. What housing costs are used to set BAH rates?

20. How often do you collect housing data?

21. What types of residences do you include in your data collection?

22. Does family size make a difference?

23. In determining the income of comparable civilians do you consider military family income which includes the income of the working spouse (if any)?

24. Does BAH guarantee that my residence matches what I could get if I lived in Gov't quarters?

25. What are the civilian housing standards you use?

26. Why do you base BAH on my duty location? Why not use my residence location?

27. If people choose to live further away to reduce their housing expense, does that lower BAH for everyone else?

28. Why does someone living in another city get more BAH than I do, when it seems to me that housing is more expensive here?

29. The cost of living here is high; I have no commissary, exchange, or hospital--I need more BAH!

30. How do you geographically define a locality?

31. Who actually collects your data for you?

32. What method do you use to calculate BAH in places without directly-collected cost data?

33. My spouse and I are both Service members and we have two children. Why is it that only one of us can collect full rate BAH and the other single BAH? Why couldn't we each claim one child and collect full with-dependent BAH?

34. What is BAH-Diff?

35. I am divorced with children, what is my BAH allowance?

36. I am a Service member who is divorced from another Service member and shares legal custody of the child/children with the former spouse. May both members receive BAH with dependents?

37. May I receive BAH if I am a Service member divorced from another Service member and do not have legal or physical custody of the child/children, but I am required to pay the former spouse child support?

38. May a personal family situation affect my BAH rate during transition from one PDS to another?


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