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Actual Expense Authorization (AEA)
Frequently Asked Questions
Updated: 01 January 2018

Refer to JTR, par. 020307 for AEA references information.  AEA exception or waiver to JTR authority is invalid as the JTR has the force and effect of law for uniformed travelers, and implements statutory regulations and law for DoD civilian travelers.

1. What is the maximum amount I can be reimbursed for my actual lodging expense if I must spend more than the maximum lodging locality rate?

2. What if the actual lodging cost exceeds 300 percent of the official OCONUS TDY maximum locality lodging ceiling per diem rate?

3. Can AEA be authorized before the official travel begins?

4. Can an AEA apply to conference location, dual lodging or reduced per diem rate allowance during the official TDY assignment?

5. Are actual M&IE expenses part of the AEA computation?

6. Can AEA replace Standard CONUS per diem rate if insufficient for official PCS/PDT relocation between the old/new PDSs?



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