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Defense Travel Modernization

In June 2017, the Deputy Secretary of Defense directed the establishment of a cross functional team to improve travel performance for the Department. The Cross Functional Team – Travel conducted a review of existing policy, evaluated technical solutions to deliver an enhanced/modernized travel capability, and developed an acquisition strategy for a technical solution.  In August 2018, the Department selected SAP Concur to develop a travel system prototype aimed at reducing process and workflow complexity, maintaining and enhancing audit readiness, improving customer satisfaction, reducing cost, and aligning to commercial/industry best practices.  If successful, the prototype will replace the legacy Defense Travel System.

About the Prototype

The Defense Travel Modernization (DTM) prototype uses a commercial Software as a Service (SaaS) to book travel, manage travel related expenses, and initiate travel-related financial transactions. With DTS, DoD procures the travel system and Travel Management Company Service separately. The focus with the prototype is on procuring travel-as-a-service – travel system and TMC services together. 

The DTM prototype is being configured using an agile development methodology with functionality deployed in iterations (See DTM Prototype Configuration Roadmap). This begins with deploying a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that enables the Modernization Team to quickly incorporate user feedback as the prototype is configured and implemented. The DTM prototype is expected to be fully configured within 24 months.

The prototype is being deployed to select organizations within DoD to assess its success in meeting criteria for a potential production rollout across DoD. The Defense Human Resources Activity (DHRA) is the first organization to use and evaluate the prototype’s SAP Concur solution to book, request, and expense travel. The Defense Agencies Initiative (DAI) financial accounting system is the first DoD accounting system to be integrated with SAP Concur. The end-to-end functionality includes Treasury Direct Disbursing to reimburse travelers.

During the 24-month prototype, implementation will be extended to additional organizations using DAI and other accounting systems. Functionality will be expanded to include Defense Lodging System integration, travel to military installations, multiple lines of accounting, and use of Centrally-Billed Accounts (CBAs). The goal of the prototype is to process at least 5,000 trips per month by August 2020.

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