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There are 16,000+ restaurant locations. The Dinova app helps you know where to eat. 
download it today and start earning rebates for the Department.

DoD Dine Smart Program Pilot

DoD Dine Smart is a new preferred dining program pilot that earns the Department rebates on meal expenses when travelers use their Government Travel Charge Card to pay at participating restaurants. Rebates go directly back to the Services, which are often used to support travel budgets. Since DoD policy requires travelers to use their travel card for all official travel expenses including meals, it is easy for you to participate. 

How it Works

DoD Dine Smart operates through Dinova, a dining marketplace that has connections to more than 16,000 restaurant locations throughout the United States. Travelers can search for restaurants through Dinova’s online search tool or mobile restaurant locator app, which is approved for download on DoD issued smartphones and Blackberries. To participate, you just have to pay your check with your Government Travel Charge Card.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I need to submit receipts for meals if I charge meals to my GTCC?

    No, DoD policy does not require you to submit receipts for meals. Travelers receive a daily per diem, which is intended to cover the cost of meals. 
  • Can DoD monitor what I buy at each restaurant when I use my GTCC card? 

    No. Restaurants do not provide any sort of data on what you specifically order to Citi, the GTCC vendor; they only provide the name of the restaurant, its location, and final cost.   
  • A favorite restaurant among DoD employees is not currently in the Dinova network. Can they be invited to join?

    Absolutely. Nothing assures quality like a referral from a frequent and loyal customer. In fact, we are already working with Dinova to encourage additional restaurants to join the marketplace. Specific recommendations for restaurants may be emailed to
  • Do I need to show my military or government employee ID at participating restaurants?

    No. There is no need to show a military or government employee ID. In fact, there are no coupons or special reward/loyalty cards involved with the DoD Dine Smart at all. All you need to do is eat at participating restaurants while on Official travel and pay with your GTCC.
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