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Military Bus Agreement

Military Bus Agreement Addendum

GOPAX (click Passenger then

Approved DoD Bus, Van and Limo

The policies governing bus passenger movements are referenced in Chapter 104, Busses, of the Defense Transportation Regulation, Part 1, Passenger Movements

Military Bus Program Fact Sheet

Military Bus Program

The Military Bus Program ensures that commercial bus, van and limousine companies offering charter service provide safe vehicles that consistently meet DoD standards of service. Over 400 carriers participate in the program, offering ground transportation to individual and group DoD passengers, including military movement solicitations and recruit travel.

DTMO manages the program through an agreement with carriers that establishes the specific terms, conditions and standards that must be met when providing transportation for DoD passengers. Transportation Coordinators and individuals arranging DoD-sponsored passenger travel must use the DoD approved carrier list to arrange for transportation within their routing authority or have the option of using the Groups Operational Passenger System (GOPAX).

For FAQs related to this program visit Travel Explorer (TraX) via DTMO's Passport.


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