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Government Travel Charge Card Regulations

DODI 5154.31, Volume 4 - Government Travel Charge Card

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CitiManager EAS

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Agency Program Coordinators

Agency Program Coordinators (APCs) are responsible to their respective DoD Component Program Manager for program execution and management. The APCs are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the DoD travel card program. Each APC, in conjunction with the card Contractor, shall maintain an up-to-date list of all current cardholders and accounts to include information such as account names, account numbers, addresses, and telephone numbers.

Citi is enhancing its CitiManager functionality and it will impact how you manage your travel card program. The redesigned functionality will include a new process for submitting card applications among other enhancements.                 
We strongly encourage you to attend the training sessions. To prepare APCs, Citi is offering a robust training schedule that includes webinar, classroom, and onsite sessions.  An overview of recommended training sessions are available at:   
To register for a training session, log into CitiManager and access the Citi Learning Center from the Web Tools icon (wrench). Select the offerings listed under “What’s New.”

CitiManager® - Electronic Access System (EAS)

CitiManager® EAS tools consists of:  Managing Users, Managing the Card Program, Reporting, Transaction Management and the Learning CenterReporting is a secured web-based tool designed to provide APCs with the ability to access, navigate, and explore relational data and make key business decisions in real-time. Managing Users, Managing the Card Program, and Transaction Management allow APCs and cardholders to effectively manage accounts. Click here to access CitiManager® EAS.


The following training is available for APCs:

  • Travel Card Program Management (mandatory)  **available through TraX
  • Travel Card Program (Travel Card 101)  **available through TraX
  • CitiManager® EAS: CitiManager, Transaction Management and Reporting (web-based)
  • CitiManager® EAS (instructor led at various locations)

CitiManager® EAS web based training courses are offered on Citi's Learning System platform. Click here to access CitiManager®. After logging in to CitiManager®, select Learning System Web Tools.
In addition, Citibank offers onsite training at no cost for agencies meeting the required minimum participation level of 20 or more. Training consists of an 8-hour hands-on classroom session. Click here if you are interested in hosting CitiManager® EAS training at your base or installation.



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