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Travel Transformation

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DTMO is focused on transforming travel. Travel Transformation is designed to simplify and streamline policies, reengineer processes, improve programs, adopt new technologies and gain cost efficiencies. Defense Travel Transformation will enable the Department to:

  • Increase Cost Effectiveness Across the DoD Travel Enterprise - improve control and maximize visibility into travel spend, reduce costs, and identify and promote viable alternatives to travel
  • Improve Delivery of Travel Services - improve our technology solutions, enable a positive customer experience, increase strategic sourcing, and influence traveler behavior
  • Achieve Operational Excellence - maximize policy understanding and compliance, reengineer the DoD travel model and processes, and improve program management quality assurance
  • Improve Organizational Readiness - align our strategy with our human, information capital, and financial resources

Why transform travel?

The Defense Travel Enterprise is currently layered in complexity. This is reflected in the Defense Travel System (DTS), the main travel enabler with which DTMO's customers utilize. Complex policies and an aging technology platform have limited DTMO's ability to leverage the emerging trends in the travel industry. A new generation of traveler is entering the market that is technically savvy, and wants tools that mirror those they use in their personal lives. Additionally, suppliers are partnering and changing the way they do business. Since the Department depends on industry for its travel-related products and services, DTMO must take notice and apply industry best practices. There is a government-wide push for cost savings and efficiencies which is an anticipated outcome of Transformation. Lastly, in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 2012, Congress tasked the Department to simplify travel.

How will change be implemented?

Travel Transformation will be implemented through initiative-focused Integrated Project Teams (IPTs). These IPTs will focus on developing and implementing initiatives aligned to specific functional areas requiring subject matter expertise. These areas include Integrated Data and Business Intelligence (BI), Information Technology (IT), Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Management (Travel Programs), Customer Support and Assistance, and Policy and Compliance.

Travel transformation will be incremental to demonstrate proof of principle, to synchronize policy, rules and computation changes with systems and training, and most importantly, to preclude disruption of day-to-day travel activities and adverse impacts to mission accomplishment.


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