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Mr. William Mansell serves as the Director of the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO). DTMO includes the Office of the Director, four divisions: Commercial Travel Division, Management Support Division, Travel Applications Division, and Strategic Planning and Policy Division, and the Transformation Cell.

The Commercial Travel Division (CTD) serves as the primary interface with the travel industry, acquires and manages Travel Management Center (TMC) services for DoD worldwide; manages the U.S. Government Rental Car and Truck Program, the Recruit Travel and Assistance Programs, and the Military Bus Program; serves as the DoD customer interface for GSA’s City Pair Program; develops training resources, liaisons with Services and Agencies for travel assistance; and oversees the Travel Assistance Center (TAC) that provides 24/7 travel assistance to the DoD travel community.

The Management Support Division (MSD) is responsible for managing DTMO resources. MSD coordinates budgeting and tracks budget execution; purchases goods and services; administers travel program and support services contracts; manages human resources; provides administrative services for the DTMO workforce; and provides physical security and property control.

The Travel Applications Division (TAD) is responsible for managing the lifecycle of applications, data integration and management, as well as the management and maintenance of the DTMO information technology (IT) infrastructure. The Division develops and executes the DTMO IT Strategy and ensures its alignment with the overall DTMO strategy, develops the IT architecture for DTMO IT applications, manages information assurance and privacy programs for the organization, develops requirements for Defense travel enterprise initiatives, integrates travel data, and manages the Government Travel Charge Card Program for the Department of Defense.

The Strategic Planning and Policy Division (SPP) is responsible for developing and executing strategy, performance management, providing strategic communications, setting, reviewing and updating travel policy, analyzing and setting allowances, managing enterprise customer solutions and crisis management, setting the strategic direction for travel transformation and liaising with the Transformation Cell to ensure its successful implementation.

The Transformation Cell consists of a Transformation Leadership Cell and multiple, initiative-focused Integrated Project Teams (IPTs). The Leadership Cell will provide direction and programmatic oversight, including coordination and integration of all transformational initiatives, while the IPTs will focus on developing and implementing initiatives aligned to specific functional areas requiring subject matter expertise. The Leadership Cell will have responsibility for coordinating all aspects of Defense Travel Transformation, including policy and regulation transformation, process reengineering, systems development, strategic communication, change management and training. In simple terms, the Leadership Cell serves as the coordinating hub and the IPTs are the operating spokes consisting of all staff involved in travel transformation.


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