March 2020 OHA Utility Expenses Survey


Welcome to the OHA Survey!

The annual Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) Utility Expenses Survey is conducted on behalf of the Department of Defense, by the Allowances Branch, OSD Directorate of Military Compensation Policy. The survey is designed to collect utility and recurring maintenance expense data incurred by Uniformed Service members stationed overseas, who reside in private housing.  Your data assists in determining the Utility and Recurring Maintenance Allowance paid to Service members in the country surveyed. 

If you receive OHA and meet the following qualifications, you should participate in the survey:

 •  Have been stationed in the country, where this survey is being conducted, for at least 6 months
 •  Pay for most utilities separately from rent
 •  Reside in privately leased quarters (not a homeowner or sharer)
 •  Receive an Overseas Housing Allowance

If you have participated in previous OHA surveys, the questions will be similar in scope.  You will be asked to report the average monthly cost of utilities and any routine maintenance expenses you incurred within the last 12 months.