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Overseas Living Pattern Survey (LPS) For Uniformed Services
Cost-of-Living Allowances (COLA)
U. S. Department of Defense

Purpose of the survey
The Cost-of-Living Allowance (COLA) is paid to Service members stationed in high cost overseas locations. COLA helps to maintain purchasing power so members can purchase about the same level of goods and services overseas as in the United States.  This survey is designed to identify where and how you purchase goods and services.  The information obtained from this survey is used in planning and completing a separate Retail Price Schedule that forms the basis for prescribing your COLA.  You will not need to report on overall costs in this survey as the costs will be reviewed in the Retail Price Schedule (RPS).

Time to complete
Please take about 20 minutes to complete this survey.   Please answer all of the questions.  If typical shopping locations are not listed for a category, select the "Other" option(s) and enter the shopping location(s).  All of the requested information is necessary to compute a cost-of-living index for your location.

Part 1.  General Information.

Select your DoD Agency/Command.
Do you use commissaries for any purchases?
Do you use exchanges for any purchases?
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