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Information Papers


Reference Materials

DTMO provides additional reference materials supporting all training modules. These include manuals, quick reference materials, guides and information papers.


Manuals provide comprehensive instruction on travel & support procedures. The manuals include figures showing screen examples and information tables. The first two manuals listed below are available in full zipped version or go to the Training Resources Lookup Tool to download individual chapters, using Reference Materials and Manuals as the TYPE and SUB-TYPE.

DTS Document Processing Manual - Describes DTS document processing procedures and advanced topics such as scheduled partial payments, advances, and special circumstances travel

DTS Defense Travel Administrator's Manual / DTA Manual Appendices - Provides DTAs information on system administrative functions relating to DTS setup and maintenance, electronic document processing, budget setup, and other related topics

Centrally Billed Account (CBA) Reconciliation Manual - Describes procedures for performing DTS CBA reconciliation functions


Guides provide procedure, topic, or role information in a specific, focused format (usually smaller than a full manual)

Quick Reference Materials

Quick Reference Materials provide summary, step-by-step procedures for creating various documents and performing other procedures in DTS. These are intended as reference only for those who have been previously educated on the topic. This format includes trifolds and information papers.

To access training reference materials, go to the Training Resources Lookup Tool on the Training Resources home page. Select "reference materials" from the type drop down and click on submit to view all materials available. If you prefer, you may select other options to narrow your search.



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