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Distance Learning Schedule

Distance Learning Course Synopsis

DTS Document Processing Manual

DTS Defense Travel Administrator's Manual / DTA Manual Appendices

Financial Field Procedures Guide

Information on Training for Certifying Officers/Accountable Officials (COL)

EWTS - This training environment is not secure, use of the Common Access Card (CAC) is not recommended to access EWTS. If you need access to the training environment, please contact your Lead Defense Travel Administrator (LDTA). Refer to the EWTS guide for detailed information on requesting PKI certificates.

Travel Training Program Fact Sheet

TraX Travel Explorer

All courses are offered through Travel Explorer (TraX). To access TraX, users must register through Passport, DTMO's web portal. For instructions on accessing training in TraX, click here.

DoD Travel Training and Resource Center

DTMO provides a comprehensive set of resources to conduct training. These resources are continually reviewed, evaluated and updated. They include:

  • eLearning: Comprising Web-based training, Distance Learning and Demonstrations.

  • Instructor Resources: Access to the Enterprise Web Training System and courseware summary for instructors.

  • Reference Materials: Manuals, quick reference materials, guides and information papers.

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Training Resources Lookup Tool

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