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Redesigned DTS Reservation Screens Now Available

As you are aware, the Defense Travel System (DTS), User Experience (UX)/User Interface (UI) software update, the first of a series that will modernize the look and feel of the and improve navigation and usability, is being implemented in a phased approach. In January, the updated DTS homepage/login page, privacy page, and document listing screens were implemented for all users and the redesigned reservation screens were available to those in a limited user launch group.  It was our intent that all remaining DTS users would have access to these screens once system issues discovered by the limited launch group were corrected.  Now that the issues have been corrected, the redesigned reservation screens will be available to all remaining DTS users on Saturday, February 17, 2018 by 0600 ET.

In the meantime, get a better understanding of what is changing by reviewing the following resources:

Updates, including a date for when all remaining DTS uses will have access to the redesigned reservation screens, will be provided as soon as it is known.  

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