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Workarounds for Common DTS Issues Resulting From New User Interface Changes - Updated

(updated 1/31/2018) Since the DTS User Interface (UI)/User Experience (UX), FY18 January Software Release was implemented on January 23, 2018, the Travel Assistance Center (TAC) has identified a few issues that are impacting the field. Below provides information about each issue and any workarounds available. Please note that these issues are scheduled to be resolved through off-cycle software patches.

1.  Missing Expense Buttons 

  • Issue:  Many people are reporting that they are missing the “+” buttons in the My Expenses page of their DTS document.

  • Workaround: The buttons are there, but they may not be visible because of your browser settings. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser if authorized. If you are not able to, you can still hover over where the button normally appears, the system will allow you to use the buttons you cannot see.


2.  Error processing your request when attempting to log in

  • Issue:  Some users are experiencing issues attempting to login. They are presented with “There was an error processing your request.
  • Workaround:  If you have used a Favorite or shortcut to access DTS and receive an error stating that “There was an error processing your request when attempting to log in”, this may be due to the new URL of the DTS Homepage.  Instead of using your Favorite, type to access DTS and then recreate your Favorite with the correct URL if necessary.


Ifyou are experiencing any of these issues listed above, the best option is to try the workaround first before contacting the TAC. 

If you are experiencing an issue that is not listed above, please contact us via telephone (888-435-7146) or by submitting a ticket through TraX (

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