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UPDATE - DTS System Issues Related to November Release Resolved

Please be aware that a recent DTS software update resolved issues impacting voucher creation and approval.  Software engineers at the DTS Program Management Office implemented a software patch to restore DTS to normal capability the evening of November 16, 2017.  

**RESOLVED** Issue 1:  Reservation expenses listed on My Expenses page are causing an Internal Server Error (ISE) when you access the Pre-Audit Trip screen in the vouchering process.

**RESOLVED** Issue 2: Receipts that are attached to a CTO Fee can cause an ISE to occur on the Pre-Audit screen.

**RESOLVED** Issue 3: Substantiating documents and the Trip Workbook cannot be viewed and will remain in a “Processing” status when the voucher contains faxed receipts.

**RESOLVED with one exception** Issue 4:  A Pre-Audit message requiring a receipt for lodging may appear when a receipt is attached to a Lodging expense.

Exception:  Pre-Audit will still appear if the receipt was added to the lodging expense between November 11 and November 16, 2017.  In these cases, the lodging receipt can be removed and re-added to remove the erroneous pre-audit.

**RESOLVED** Issue 5:  Attempting to edit or remove a Transportation expense. You may receive a message “Error while loading expenses”.

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