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Joint Travel Regulations Update: Revised Chapters 5 and 8 to publish 12/1

The December 2017 version of the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) will include a revised Chapter 5 on Permanent Duty Travel (PDT) and Chapter 8 on CONUS Cost of Living Allowance.  Both chapters have been rewritten using plain language, standardized terminology, and if/then tables in place of long paragraphs. These changes are part of the third phase of the Defense Travel Management Office’s effort to simplify policy and make the JTR easier to navigate, easier to understand, and shorter in length. Subsequent phases will address the remaining chapters and appendices. 

It is important to note that the policies contained in the November 2017 version of Chapters 5 and 8 will cover all of the same travel authorities as the December 2017 version.  No policies will change, but may rewritten to ease understanding. 

The revised Chapters 5 and 8 will be published in the December 2017 version of the JTR, which will be available on 1 December 2017.  Preview versions are available as part of the approved "Uniformed Travel Decision (UTD)/Civilian Travel Decision (CTD) 115-17(E)-Revised JTR Chapter 5, Section 1 – Service Member Permanent Duty Travel (PDT)” and "UTD/CTD 072-17(E) – revised JTR – Chapter 8 – Cost of Living Allowances within the Continental United States” on the Notable Travel Policy Changes webpage. These version should be used to update any JTR paragraph references in publications and training materials.

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