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Out-Processing Considerations (For DTAs)

A few weeks back, we promised that we’d provide you with an article on out-processing recommendations.  Well, the wait has ended…

People retire.  Some people take new jobs.  Regardless of how they leave your organization, it’s your responsibility to make sure your DTS organization reflects their departed status.

Chances are, your organization has an out-processing checklist that you use when someone leaves your organization (you know, the one that says “#1 – Stop by Admin Services to turn in your whiteboard markers; #2 – Stop by HR and fill out paperwork; etc.”).  This is your opportunity to find out that someone’s on their way out the door, so stake out a position on this checklist – something like “#87 – Talk to your DTA” should do the trick.

After you secure your place on the out-processing checklist, here are a few things you should do to make sure your DTS organization remains in tip-top shape:

 -   Make sure that all the person’s travel documents have finished processing.  This simply ensures that the traveler gets paid correctly before they say, “Bon voyage!”

 -  Detach the person’s profile. Even if the person is “permanently” leaving Government service, you should detach rather than delete their DTS profile.  You probably noticed that we used quotes around the word permanently – after all, sometimes people who vow to never come back… come back.

Detaching a profile allows another organization to receive them in the future.  This saves the next organization the time of re-creating a profile.

 -  Replace any departing Routing Officials.  DTS looks out for you on this one, which is nice.  If you detach a person assigned to a routing list, DTS posts a message informing you that you may have just created a gaping hole in your routing list. 

Make sure you replace the outgoing person with a new one to ensure the timely approval of travel documents.

 -  Run the Complete Traveler Info List (or the Person Lists in the DTA Maintenance Tool – People).  Take a look and see if there are any old profiles in your organization (you know, the profile of a guy who left your organization in 2007?).  If you find any, detach them accordingly.

Go forth, DTA, and do good things.  And be sure to grab a piece of cake at the person’s farewell party – you’ve earned it!

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