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Don’t Forget Your Receipts! (For Distribution to Travelers)

Bottom-line up-front: you need to provide receipts for lodging (regardless of cost) and any expense of $75.00 or more. 

A few of things about receipts:

-  They must be legible.  If you can’t read them, chances are that nobody else will be able to read them either.  So, take good care of your receipts while you’re TDY; then, when you get back to work, verify that your scanned image of the receipt is readable.

-  They must be itemized and show payment.  A credit card statement doesn’t cut it (for example, just because your credit card statement says you paid $251.03, how does the Government know that $51.03 of that wasn’t for a restaurant tab billed to your room?).  Making a reservation in DTS doesn’t exempt you from this requirement.  And, while we’re on the topic of reservations, a reservation summary document is not a receipt.  A receipt must show payment.

-  They must match the claim on your voucher.  According to voucher audits conducted by the Defense Finance & Accounting Service (DFAS), a lot of DoD travelers are attaching receipts that don’t match their vouchers.  If you claim $385.99 on your voucher for lodging, but you attached a receipt showing you paid $185.99, something’s not adding up, and someone will notice.

-  They must be provided for any lodging expense (regardless of cost) and any expense of $75.00 or more.  Your organization may have additional receipt requirements, so check with them.

So – remember – when you file your next voucher, make sure you include the necessary receipts.  You’ll thank us later when you don’t show up on a DFAS audit.

Need some help creating your voucher?  Check out our Create a Voucher from an Authorization tri-fold.

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