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Mitigating Adjustments to Travel Documents (For DTAs)

We’ve all been there – you’re standing in line waiting to order at a quick-service restaurant and the guy in front of you has just changed his order for the sixth time.  Meanwhile, your stomach’s growling, there’s someone at the back of the line yelling incoherently, and the cashier’s getting flustered.

In the world of official travel, there’s nothing worse than a traveler that behaves like the perplexed diner in our analogy above.  The traveler, let’s call him “Bob”, signs an authorization, it starts routing, but then Bob makes a change to the authorization, thereby forcing routing to start all over again.  Then, just when it looks like the authorization is nearing the checkered flag of approval, Bob makes another change. 

Multiple adjustments to travel documents cost your Routing Officials precious time and raise their ire.  But before you start adding your voice to the chorus of incoherent shouters at the back of the line, consider the following solution: Run the Adjustments Report.

The Adjustments Report shows you all travel documents that have been modified during the routing process within a specified date range.  In other words, this is the report that identifies your travelers’ cries for help. 

If you notice a trend, there are two ways you can go:

- If you find that multiple travelers are struggling, use this as justification to provide some travel training to your folks.  Target the areas that people seem to find the most difficult.

- If you find a traveler who… ahem… struggled a bit with their travel document (not unlike Bob), talk to them. If their knowledge or skills are wanting, give them a deskside tutorial on entering travel documents.

Either way, you can provide targeted training – use the report’s contents as evidence to develop a training strategy to mitigate poor traveler behavior in the future.

You, humble DTA, could head off a lot of angst by providing targeted training to the people who most need it.  Consider the Adjustments Report as your ally in this noble cause.

Need more information on the Adjustments Report? Check out the DTA Manual, Chapter 10: Reports

Want some out-of-the-box training materials to help your travelers?  Check out our DoD Travel Training and Resource Center.  They’re free to use – and you can’t beat free stuff in a time of lean budgets.

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