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Helpful Spring Cleaning Ideas for Your Routing Lists (For DTAs)

Do you have Authorizing Officials (AOs) that um… ahem… take a while to approve travel documents?  Do you have Reviewing Officials (ROs) that are inundated with so many other projects that their DTS duties take a back seat?

If you answered “yes” or “meh?” to either of these questions, it’s probably time to start cleaning up your DTS routing lists.  And there’s no better time than Spring to do it.

Here is a strategy you can co-opt (a fancy word for “steal”) to get you started:

1)  Take a hard look at your organization’s routing lists.  Are there redundant steps?  Are there unnecessary layers of review?  For example, if you have 4 reviewers before an authorization reaches the AO, could you cross-train 2 ROs to perform multiple tasks?  If you can consolidate or eliminate unnecessary layers of review, go for it.

2)  Identify the routing delays in your organization.  Run the Routing Status report in Report Scheduler to help you identify actual (not perceived) bottlenecks. 

Note: Want more information on the Routing Process report?  Check out the Defense Travel Administrator’s Manual, Chapter 10: Reports.

3)  Talk to your Routing Officials to determine if they are undertrained, overworked, or simply need some friendly encouragement. 

4)  If all else fails, talk to your boss about updating your organization’s routing lists with folks who have more time capacity for reviewing/approving travel documents.

Everyone wins when you clean up your routing lists.  Your travelers win because they get approved faster to travel and paid faster after returning.  Your former Routing Officials win because, as they say, “a job reassigned is a job completed.”  Your new Routing Officials win because they get to show off their skills.  And you win because you’re incorporating efficiencies into your organization’s travel process (which always looks good on your performance reviews).

Go forth and do great things!  Oh – and if you need a brush-up on routing lists – take our DTA – Maintenance Tool: Routing Lists training module in TraX or check out the DTA Manual, Chapter 5: Routing Lists.

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