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Restricted Airfare Checklist


Restricted Fares

DTMO provides oversight of the Department's Restricted Fares policy. DoD policy states that “Contract city pair airfares (and other airfares limited to official GOV’T business) provide savings to the GOV’T. However, there are circumstances when restricted airfare available to the general public should be authorized when the cost savings outweighs any risk of trip cancellation or itinerary changes” (See JTR, par. 3500-A1).

The Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) Appendix H, provide a decision support tool to assist Authorizing Officials with determining the feasibility and approving the use of a restricted fare. The checklist certifies that all decision factors were considered prior to the approval of purchasing a restricted airfare and if approved, the funding command accepts total financial responsibility for the restricted airline ticket should the trip be changed or cancelled for any official reason. Important items to note:

  • Authorization must be obtained on a case-by-case basis.
  • Blanket authorization and justification for use of restricted fares is prohibited.
  • If a restricted airfare is approved, the funding command accepts total responsibility for the restricted airfare ticket should the trip be changed or cancelled for any official reason.
  • Restricted airfares must be purchased through a Commercial Travel Office.
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