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U.S. Government Frequent Renter Program

Some rental car companies participating in the U.S. Government Rental Car Program offer unique frequent renter programs specifically designed for federal travelers on official travel. These programs allow participants to earn rewards while ensuring that they receive the benefits of the U.S. Government Rental Car program without needing to worry if they are renting under the provisions of the program or have the correct government rate. These programs also ensure travelers are not offered additional insurance or services, can minimize reservation errors encountered at time of rental, and may offer additional user benefits such as counter by-pass or dedicated check-in lines.

Frequent renter programs are offered at no cost to Federal government employees and participation is voluntary. Use is restricted to official travel only and should not be used for leisure travel.  

Already a member of a frequent renter program with one of the participating rental car companies?  The frequent renter programs that you may already participate in are slightly different than those associated with the U.S. Government Rental Car Program.  Registering for each company’s “government” frequent renter program through this site ensures that you receive the benefits of the U.S. Government Rental Car Program reserved only for official travel.  There is no need to cancel any of your existing frequent renter account(s); you may retain your existing account(s) for personal use, however, rewards associated with each account will be maintained separately.


  1. Click on the “Continue” button below to select which frequent renter programs in which you would like to participate. Once selected, you will be redirected to each rental car company’s website to register for their program. This registration process should take approximately 15 minutes. You may register for as many participating vendor programs as you wish. As part of the registration process, you may be asked to provide any of the following:

    • Your Government Agency
    • Government Travel Charge Card number as the form of payment
    • Driver’s license number

  2. Add the government frequent renter number(s) provided by each rental car company to your online official travel booking system (such as DTS or ETS/ETS2) user profile and/or use them when making reservations with your Travel Management Company/Travel Management Center or Travel Management Center. Instructions for adding your number(s) to your travel system profile are available at: How to Update your DTS Profile or How to Update your ETS/ETS2 Profile.

Note:  Travelers must register for each vendor’s program individually.  Not all companies that participate in the U.S. Government Rental Car Program have a frequent traveler program.  Receiving the benefits of the U.S. Government Rental Car Program remains the responsibility of the traveler, so continue to ensure that “Government Administrative Rate Supplement (GARS)”  is listed on the rental car contract at the time of pick-up. 




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