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Rental Car/Truck Program Fact Sheet

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Rental Vehicle Assistance Tool

U.S. Government Rental Car and Truck Programs

The U.S. Government Rental Car and Truck Programs provide special rental benefits and reduced rates to all federal government employees traveling on official business. The programs are designed to meet the needs of the federal traveler, and provide quality rentals through a variety of companies at over 10,000 rental locations.

DTMO administers the programs through car and truck rental agreements with participating vehicle rental companies. For more information on the U.S. Government Rental Car or Truck Programs, visit the Rental Car and Rental Truck pages.

Rental Vehicle Assistance

The DTMO Rental Vehicle Assistance Tool is designed to provide assistance to the federal traveler when accidents occur while on official travel, and to offer assistance with rental car and truck company customer service matters.

The DTMO Rental Vehicle Assistance Tool is NOT a place to be used to file a claim against the government either by a third party, or by the rental agency. All renters should first attempt to resolve issues directly with the rental company.

For assistance with a rental vehicle or to provide feedback on your rental experience, click on the Rental Vehicle Assistance Tool button on the lower right hand side of this page.

For FAQs related to this program visit Travel Explorer (TraX) via DTMO's Passport.



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