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Other than Economy-/Coach-Class Transportation

DTMO provides oversight of the Department's Other Than Economy-/Coach-Class Transportation (i.e., Premium Class Travel) policy. DoD policy requires economy-/coach-class travel accommodations be used when performing official government travel. Other Than Economy-/Coach-Class Transportation (any travel other than economy-/coach-class) at government expense is permitted on an exception basis only.

The Joint Travel Regulations (JTR), Appendix H, includes Decision Support Tools to assist in determining if Other Than Economy-/Coach-Class Transportation can be used. In addition, the Other Than Economy-/Coach-Class Transportation Approval Checklist is required when making a determination on authorization/approval for the use of Other Than Economy-/Coach-Class Transportation. The checklist must be used and submitted as part of the approval documentation and serves as a record of accountability in which the Approving Official must certify that all decision factors and other alternatives were considered prior to recommending approval. Important items to note:

  • Authorization must be obtained on a case-by-case basis.
  • Blanket authorization and justification for Other Than Economy-/Coach-Class Travel is prohibited.
  • Other Than Economy-/Coach-Class Transportation must be authorized in advance of the travel. If extenuating circumstances or emergency situations prevent advanced authorization, a traveler has 7 days within the completion of travel to obtain approval.
  • Other Than Economy-/Coach-Class Transportation, due to a medical disability/special need, may only be used when there is no other means to accommodate a traveler���s condition, such as bulkhead/aisle seating or use of two adjoining seats. A traveler���s condition must be certified by a competent medical authority and authorized by an Approving Official.
  • Failure to receive approval for Other Than Economy-/Coach-Class Transportation may result in a traveler being financially responsible for costs over the economy/coach airfare.

The Reporting Offices (approval authority) must ensure that all trips involving Other Than Economy-/Coach Class fares have been approved in accordance with all regulations.

Reporting Other than Economy-/Coach-Class Transportation

DoD Components are required to report Other Than Economy-/Coach-Class Transportation through the Premium Class Travel Reporting Tool as directed in the Memorandum on Premium Class Travel Reporting Requirement - September 7, 2007. As of April 2011, DoD policy no longer requires the reporting of Other Than Economy-/Coach-Class Transportation when the Other than Economy-/Coach-Class airfare is less than the economy-/coach-class airfare or the lowest unrestricted economy-/coach-class airfare. ��

The Premium Class Travel Reporting Tool automates the collection of Other Than Economy-/Coach-Class Transportation accommodations as required by the Deputy Secretary of Defense.�� The tool collects data from Commercial Travel Offices, sends it to the DTMO for validation, and forwards it to the appropriate Reporting Office or the Service/Agency Representative(s) to ensure the trip was approved. Reporting Offices are able to upload approval documentation so that the Services and Agencies have a central location for all approvals.

The Premium Class Travel Reporting Tool is housed in the DTMO's web portal, Passport ( To register for the tool, you must first have a Passport account.�� If you already have a Passport account, go to to for access to the Premium Class Reporting Tool.�� Once registered and approved, you can access the tool via Passport.


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