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2009 Updates
05/11/09 Lodging rate corrected for Cambridge & St. Michaels, Maryland
04/28/09 The County for Appleton, WI was changed from "CITY OF APPLETON" to "Outagamie County". Outagamie County was also added to per diem rate listing. This correction is effective 10/01/08.
03/25/09 Effective 4/1/09 - Updates entered for the following locations: Bonner's Ferry, Sandpoint, Boundary County, Bonner County, Driggs, and Idaho Falls Idaho; Frederick, Maryland; and Lexington County, South Carolina.
01/27/09 A Lodging Rate correction was entered for JEKYLL ISLAND, BRUNSWICK, and GLENN COUNTY GEORGIA. This correction is effective 10/01/08.
12/29/08 Effective 1/1/2009, the Proportional Meal Rate will increase for some locations due to an increase of the Government Meal Rate (GMR) $10.80. See list of locations affected by increase.




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