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Effective November 1: Flat Rate Per Diem

Effective as of November 1, 2014

MAP/CAP 118-13, Flat Rate Per Diem for Long Term TDY - In order to encourage travelers to take advantage of cost saving opportunities available for long term travel, travelers performing TDY for more than 30 days in one location (CONUS and OCONUS) will receive a flat rate per diem.  For Long-term TDY of 31 -180 days, the authorized flat rate is 75% of the locality rate (lodging plus meals & incidental expenses - M&IE) payable for each full day of TDY at that location.  For long-term TDY greater than 180 days, the authorized flat rate is 55% of the locality rate (lodging plus M&IE) payable for each full day of TDY at that location.  On the travel day to the TDY location, the traveler receives up to 100% lodging per diem at the locality rate and 75% meals and incidental expenses (M&IE).
When authorized flat rate per diem, travelers are not required to submit a lodging receipt, but may be required to demonstrate that they incurred valid lodging expenses.  All TDY in excess of 180 days must be justified and authorized/approved at a senior level.
The commercial lodging industry considers stays greater than 30 days to be “extended stays” and typically offers reduced rates to ensure occupancy.  Travelers may also consider furnished apartments or similar types of lodging which are typically cheaper than room rates in commercial lodging.  Data analysis demonstrates the flat rate per diem adequately covers lodging, meals, and incidental expenses, more accurately reflecting actual costs incurred. 

Any traveler unable to find suitable commercial lodging at the reduced per diem rate should contact their Travel Management Center (TMC) for assistance.  If both the traveler and the TMC determine that lodging is not available at the reduced per diem rate, the Authorizing Official may authorize reimbursement of actual lodging expenses (not to exceed the locality per diem rate).  However, the traveler will receive M&IE at the reduced rate.

Travelers should follow their component guidelines for how to handle the flat rate per diem in DTS.
This policy change has been coordinated with and approved by the Uniformed Services and applicable Governance Boards and stakeholders. 

Before this change can be implemented for employees represented by a union, activities must ensure that they meet all of their bargaining obligations. To facilitate the process with the unions, please contact your servicing human resources office labor relations specialist for assistance.

To view the official policy change, go to ../Docs/perdiem/browse/Travel_Regulations/Regulations_Changes/Immediate/UTDCTD118-13(R).pdf.

For more information on this policy change, go to:

Look up a location’s Flat Rate Per Diem  using the Per Diem Rates Query Tool.

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