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 Integrated Lodging Program

Public-Private Venture Lodging

Public-Private Venture lodging (also referred to as "privatized") is located on or near military installations and  was once operated by the government, but is now operated by a commercial lodging company. 

The Army's Privatized Army Lodging (PAL) is the first privatized lodging facilities to be integrated into DTS. PAL properties are corporately branded as IHG Army Hotels, Holiday Inn Express, Candlewood Suites, and Staybridge Suites. Other Public-Private Venture lodging will be integrated in the future. 

Policy on Use

Per the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR), travelers who are TDY to an Integrated Lodging Program Pilot site are directed to use privatized lodging when DoD lodging is not available. If privatized lodging is available and not used, a traveler's lodging reimbursement will be limited to the amount the government would have paid if used unless an exception applies.  Travelers are only required to book privatized lodging when it appears in DTS on the "Govt - Privatized" tab.

How to Book in DTS

DTS users creating an authorization for overnight travel are automatically routed to the lodging reservation module. If DoD lodging is not available at the TDY location, DTS will display privatized lodging on the "Govt - Privatized" tab, before displaying commercial lodging properties. When available privatized lodging that appears on the "Govt-Privatized" tab is not used, DTS will display a pre-audit and automatically limit lodging reimbursement.

Privatized lodging properties that appear on the "Govt-Privatized" tab meet strict DoD requirements for quality, safety and security and are part of the Integrated Lodging Program Pilot. Please note that it is possible that privatized properties may also appear under the "Commercial - Fire Safety Act Compliant" tab. Properties on this tab are only required to meet Fire Safety Act requirements and are not subject to the same DoD quality, safety and security requirement of those Privatized lodging properties that appear on the "Govt-Privatized" tab. Travelers are not required to book privatized properties that appear on the "Commercial -- Fire Safety Act Compliant" tab.

Public Private Lodging Facilities 

  • Privatized Army Lodging (PAL) – PAL is a partnership between the Army and private industry to improve the condition of on-post lodging facilities and provide for their long-term sustainment. The Army has initiated the program at 41 installations.  PAL, corporately branded as IHG Army Hotels, Holiday Inn Express, Candlewood Suites, and Staybridge Suites, is the only privatized lodging available in DTS at this time. For more information go to:

  • Army - There are additional public-private ventures, however these facilities are not available in DTS. These facilities are:

  • Navy - There are two locations operated by Susse Chalet in Groton, CT and Newport, RI. Reservations for these facilities are available through Navy Gateway Inns & Suites toll free number, 877-NAVY-BED (628-9233). 

  • Air Force - There is one location under Air Force contract – the Hope Hotel & Richard C. Holbrooke Conference Center,  Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH; or (937) 879-2696

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