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Integrated Lodging Program Pilot

On June 15, 2015, the Department of Defense launched a pilot of a new Integrated Lodging Program which includes preferred commercial lodging providers and integrates the ability to book government (DoD) lodging properties through the Defense Travel System (DTS).

Section 914 of the FY15 National Defense Authorization Act (P.L. 113-291) authorized the Secretary of Defense to institute a government lodging program. That authority allows the Secretary of Defense to require both DoD civilian employees and members to stay in government (DoD Lodging) or preferred commercial lodging while on official travel. As a first step, the pilot will test the viability of an enterprise–wide commercial lodging program and direct travelers to use government (DoD Lodging) or preferred commercial lodging at select pilot locations.

The DoD Integrated Lodging Program Pilot affords an excellent opportunity to not only leverage the Department's collective purchasing power, but also incorporate program enhancements that ensure a certain level of "duty of care" for its travelers. The Integrated Lodging Program Pilot will:

  • Enable travelers to use DTS to find trusted lodging providers (government and preferred commercial).
  • Ensure travelers are staying in quality lodging facilities that are close to TDY locations; are protected from certain fees; and provide amenities at no additional cost with room rates below the established government per diem rates. 
  • Enhance traveler care and satisfaction; provide greater traveler security; reduce lodging spend per night; and improve program management and data collection.

Supporting Travel Policy

As of June 15, 2015, The Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) (par. 1265) requires travelers (Service members and civilians) TDY to a pilot site installation (for 30 or less days) to utilize government quarters if available. DoD travelers must book DoD lodging facilities if available, and then preferred commercial lodging. If TDY to a pilot site city or metro area, travelers are required to use preferred commercial lodging before booking other lodging options. If DoD lodging facilities or preferred commercial lodging at a pilot location is available and a traveler chooses to stay in other commercial lodging, reimbursement is limited to the amount the Government would have paid if the traveler stayed in a DoD lodging facility or a participating preferred commercial lodging property.

This policy applies to travelers TDY to the following pilot locations:

  • Charleston, SC - Joint Base Charleston  
  • Dayton, OH - Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
  • Norfolk, VA – select area U.S. installations
  • Saratoga Springs, NY -  Naval Support Activity Saratoga Springs
  • Seattle-Tacoma Airport area, WA 
  • Tampa, FL - MacDill AFB
  • Twentynine Palms, CA - Marine Air/Ground Combat Center 

Not all of these locations currently have DoD lodging facilities available in DTS.  DoD civilians are not required to use DoD lodging facilities when TDY to U.S. military installations until DoD lodging facilities at that location is available in DTS.  Service members, if directed by an Authorizing Official, must check DoD lodging facilities availability. To determine if DoD lodging facilities is available at a pilot site, see the ILPP Start Dates.

DoD travelers (and travel administrators) with access to DTS are required to make lodging arrangements through the reservation module in DTS and should only contact their Commercial Travel Office to arrange commercial lodging when DTS is not available. Travelers should not contact their Commercial Travel Office for assistance booking DoD lodging facilities.  If DTS is not available, travelers should book through or contact the government lodging facility or reservation center directly.   

DTS Modifications

To facilitate policy compliance, DTS will be modified to display lodging options in a tabular format that guides travelers to directed lodging before displaying other lodging options.  The system will automatically include a certificate of non-availability number in the authorization if DoD lodging is not available.   DTS will limit reimbursement when travelers decline available DoD lodging facilities or preferred commercial lodging when TDY to a pilot site.  

For those TDY to non-pilot military installations, DTS will display DoD lodging facilities when available. Service members (when TDY to a military installation) are required, when directed, to first use government quarters.  At this time, this policy does not apply to civilians TDY to a non-pilot site; however, civilians are encouraged to use government quarters when available.

To learn more about the new DTS functionality that supports the Integrated Lodging Program Pilot, attend the L200 – DoD Integrated Lodging Program Pilot distance learning class available through the Training section. in TraX or review the Integrated Lodging Program Pilot Guide.

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