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 How to Update Your DTS Profile
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New Chip and PIN Government Travel Charge Cards

Attention Travelers:  If you have an existing GTCC account and do not have a Chip and PIN card, your account may have been closed. Contact your APC to determine status and/or to reapply.

In 2015, the Department of Defense issued Chip and PIN Government Travel Charge Cards (GTCC) to all DoD personnel with active accounts.  In October 2015, all inactive accounts with a magnetic stripe card were placed in a 'soft close' status for a period of 6 months and then permanently closed.  If an inactive account met one of the following criteria, it was closed:  

  • Failed to receipt verify the magnetic stripe card
  • Magnetic stripe card was receipt verified, but no merchant or ATM transactions were made within 36 months
  • Account credit limit was set to $0
  • Account was flagged for an incorrect mailing address/returned mail
  • Account was flagged because of suspected fraud

Those cardholders will need to reapply to be issued a card.

If you plan to travel within the next six months and do not have a Government Travel Charge Card, contact your APC today.

* For centrally billed accounts (CBAs), the reissuance of Chip and PIN cards only applies to unit card accounts.  Transportation-only CBAs were not reissued as Chip and PIN.

Important Information About Your New Chip and PIN Card

  • It is very important that you call Citi customer service or visit the web link on listed on the sticker on the front of your card to confirm receipt, activate it and sign the back. To ensure that you will be able to plan your next TDY, update your DTS profile with the new card information. For instructions, see How to Update Your DTS Profile.

  • To use the Chip and PIN technology:   Your first purchase with your card must be at a staffed, chip-enabled point-of-sale terminal.  If your first purchase is at a self-service point-of-sale, the terminal will read the magnetic stripe on the new card instead of the chip.

  • Chip and PIN cards still include the magnetic stripe.  

About Chip and PIN 

Chip and PIN is the next generation of payment card technology and was introduced as another tool to combat potential fraud.  Chip and PIN cards contain a microprocessor that requires cardholder authentication via a 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) input at point-of-sale.  The microprocessor chip encrypts the transaction data protecting the cardholders' personally identifiable information (PII)), as well as the Government's sensitive transaction and payment data. If the card is lost or stolen, the embedded microchip makes the card extremely difficult to counterfeit.


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