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Dislocation Allowance (DLA)
Frequently Asked Questions
Updated: 01/01/18

1. Is it true a Service member may receive a DLA to help with relocation expenses when moving a household due to an official Permanent Change of Station (PCS) travel order?

2. Where can I find the JTR eligibility rules for DLA payment if I have an official PCS travel order?

3. How much DLA do I receive?

4. Can I receive more than one DLA payment in the same year?

5. Am I authorized DLA when moving from my home of record (HOR) to my first permanent duty station (PDS)?

6. Is DLA payable if separating from Service when performing PCS travel to the home of selection (HOS) or home of record (HOR) from the old PDS?

7. Is a Reserve Component or Guard Service member who regularly, or repeatedly comes on and leaves active duty eligible for DLA?

8. Is DLA payable if performing an authorized PCS move without relocating dependents?

9. I received a PCS travel order and relocated my family based on that order. That PCS order now has been revoked; however, I have already moved the household to the new PDS. Not only must I return to my prior PDS, now I also must move my family for a second time. Am I authorized only one DLA when I had to move my family twice?

10. When is a 'Secondary DLA' payable?

11. Is DLA payable if ordered to move in or out of Government quarters involving no PCS travel authorization; remembering that privatized housing is not Government housing?

12. What DLA is paid when a Service member is forced to move due to a Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC)?



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