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DTS Status: COOP Postponed; No Downtime Scheduled

(updated 11/30/16) The DTS continuity of operations (COOP) system exercise scheduled for the week of 10-17 December 2016 has been postponed. At this time, there is no system downtime scheduled for DTS. 

Recent Software Release
A software release was implemented in DTS on November 4, 2016. A complete description of release contents is available at:

System Problem Report Listing Available
For a current list of System Problem Reports (SPRs) and associated workaround information, see the SIM in Passport. If you do not have access to SIM and would like workaround information, create a TAC ticket requesting access to SIM account. To access the tool, you must have a TraX account.

Report Issues to the Travel Assistance Center Users that experience issues with the system should contact the Travel Assistance Center (TAC).  The TAC can be reached by submitting a help ticket online through the "Tickets" section of TraX (www.  or by calling 1-888-Help1Go. If calling from overseas, use DSN to dial directly.


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