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Commercial Travel Management

City Pair Program Exceptions

In accordance with DoD policy and the Joint Federal Travel Regulations/Joint Travel Regulations, use of scheduled commercial air service contracted through the City-Pair Program is mandatory unless one of the exceptions shown below applies. The utilization of frequent flyer accounts, ability to upgrade seats, and traveler carrier preferences are not valid exceptions. The following are exceptions to the use of City-Pair Contract Carriers:

  • Space or a scheduled contract flight is not available in time to accomplish the travel purpose, or contract service use would require the traveler to incur unnecessary overnight lodging costs that would increase the total trip cost

  • The contract carrier's flight schedule is inconsistent with explicit policies of individual federal departments and agencies to schedule travel during normal working hours

  • A non-contract (DoD-approved) U.S. certificated carrier offers a lower airfare to the general public, the use of which results in a lower total trip cost to the Government to include the combined costs of transportation

  • Lodging, meals, and related expenses (Note: This exception does not apply if the contract carrier offers a comparable airfare and has seats available at that airfare, or if the lower airfare offered by a non-contract carrier is limited to a government and/or military traveler on official business and may only be purchased with a Government procurement document (e.g., a GTR), Government sponsored Contractor-issued travel charge card, or through a centrally billed account (e.g., YDG, MDG, QDG, VDG, and similar airfares))

  • Rail service is available and that service is cost effective and consistent with mission requirements

  • Smoking is permitted on the contract flight and the nonsmoking section of the aircraft is not acceptable to the traveler.

DoD Approving Officials should ensure that only the above exceptions are granted when travelers are unable to use a contracted City-Pair carrier.


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