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Immediate Changes

No. Date Added Item No. Synopsis Appears in Regulation Effective Date
03/14/17 043-17

SUBJECT: UTD for MAP 043-17(I) -- Adds HHG Weight Increase for Senior Enlisted Advisor to the National Guard Bureau. SYNOPSIS: Adds Senior Enlisted Advisory to the National Guard Bureau to those allowed extra HHG weight when serving as the senior enlisted advisor.
01 MAY 17
13 MAR 17
02/22/17 005-17

SUBJECT: UTD/CTD for MAP/CAP 5-17(E) -- Clarify Language for 180 Day Time Limitation. SYNOPSIS: This item adds clarifying language to JTR, par. 2230-B3 regarding violation of the 180 day rule
01 MAY 17
22 FEB 17
02/08/17 019-15

SUBJECT: MAP 019-15(R) -- HHG Transportation Less Than 12 Months. SYNOPSIS: Allows the Secretarial Process to authorize a reduced administrative HHG shipment up to 10% of the eligible member's HHG weight allowance transportation to an OCONUS PDS when Government furnishings or quarters are not available for PCS assignment under 365 days on an individual basis. Authorization must be authorized in writing prior to official travel.
01 APR 17
27 JAN 17
01/31/17 006-17

UTD/CTD for MAP/CAP 006-17(E) -- Allow Receipt Waiver for Long Term TDY Actual Expenses. SYNOPSIS: Allows the Secretary Concerned, COCOM Commander, or Director of a DoD Agency/Component to waive the receipt requirement for travelers on long-term temporary duty authorized to receive actual expenses up to the full locality rate when requiring receipts will negatively affect mission performance or create an undue administrative burden (section 675 of FY17 NDAA).
01 APR 17
31 JAN 17


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