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Immediate Changes

No. Date Added Item No. Synopsis Appears in Regulation Effective Date
05/26/17 019-17

SUBJECT: UTD/CTD for MAP/CAP 019-17 (R) – Army APP W Japan Changes. SYNOPSIS: Increase administrative HHG weight allowance for Army personnel only at the following Japan locations, Camp Zama, Hiroshima (Akizuki) and Kure.
01 JUL 17
26 MAY 17
05/23/17 066-17

SUBJECT: UTD/CTD for MAP/CAP 66-17(I) -- PCS Travel Time 1. SYNOPSIS: Reinstates wording on PCS travel time that was erroneously removed in the current re-write of Chapters 1-4.
01 JUL 17
22 MAY 17
05/15/17 061-17

SUBJECT: CTD for CAP 061-17(I) -- Employee on Training Away from PDS. SYNOPSIS: Clarifies the allowances for an employee on training away from the PDS.
01 JUL 17
15 MAY 17
05/11/17 060-17

SUBJECT: UTD for MAP 060-17(I) -- Member Escort for Dependent Medical Facility Transfer in CONUS. SYNOPSIS: Adds language to allow a member to escort a dependent transferred in a patient status in CONUS from one medical facility to another for required medical care not available locally.
01 JUN 17
10 MAY 17
05/01/17 057-17

SUBJECT: UTD/CTD for MAP/CAP 057-17(I) -- TDY Over 180 days Authority. SYNOPSIS: Adds "if delegated" after "Service/DoD Agency Headquarters" in Table 1-7. It was erroneously omitted in the rewrite. Also corrects App I1, A2 footnote 7 to refer to the new paragraph on delegation.
01 JUN 17
01 MAY 17
04/27/17 054-17

SUBJECT: UTD/CTD for MAP/CAP 054-17(I) -- Reimbursable Expenses for In-flight Internet and Entry/Exit Fees 1. SYNOPSIS: Adds authority to pay reimbursable expenses for in-flight internet expenses when authorized or approved and entry/exit fees from a foreign country.
01 JUN 17
01 MAY 17


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