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JTR - Changes
Updated: 11/04/2014
Travel Advisories and FTR/FMR Bulletins
Updated: 12/21/2012

JTR Changes

No. Date Added Item No. Synopsis Appears in Regulation Effective Date
11/04/14 162-14

SUBJECT: UTD/CTD for MAP 162-14(I)/CAP 162-14(I) -- Spouse Representational Travel. SYNOPSIS: Updates spouse travel in Appendix E to incorporate changes made to DoDD 4500.56 -- DoD Policy on the Use of Government Aircraft and Air Travel, change 3, dated 24 June 2014. In that revision, 'family member' (dependent) was removed and changed to 'spouse'.
01 DEC 14
24 JUN 14
10/15/14 158-14

SUBJECT: UTD for MAP 158-14(R) -- POV Storage for TDY over 30 Days. SYNOPSIS: Allows the Secretary Concerned to authorize POV storage when a member is TDY/deployed for more than 30 days to other than a contingency, provided a humanitarian assistance or other emergency operation, has been declared by Executive Order or the Administering Secretary.
01 DEC 14
15 OCT 14
10/15/14 157-14

SUBJECT: UTD/CTD for MAP/CAP 157-14(I) – USPHS APP W Footnote. SYNOPSIS: Adds APP W footnote applicable to OCONUS PCS assigned USPHS members. Officers assigned to government furnished quarters are limited to shipment of up to 25% maximum of the Officer's authorized weight allowance, with the remainder to be placed in non-temporary storage at the last CONUS permanent duty station.
01 DEC 14
14 OCT 14
10/01/14 186-13

SUBJECT: UTD/CTD for MAP 186-13/CAP 186-13 – Incidental Expenses. SYNOPSIS: Adds ATM fees, baggage tips, laundry/dry cleaning (regardless of location), and transportation tips as part of the daily incidental expenses when performing official travel. The aforementioned expenses were previously separate miscellaneous reimbursable expenses incurred by an eligible traveler when authorized by the responsible AO in the GOV'T's interest.
01 NOV 14
01 OCT 14
10/01/14 118-13

SUBJECT: UTD/CTD for MAP 118-13/CAP 118-13 – Flat Rate Per Diem for Long Term TDY. SYNOPSIS: Establishes a flat rate per diem allowance for long term TDY that would authorize a traveler 75% of the locality per diem rate for TDY periods over 30 days but not exceeding 180 days. This item also establishes a flat rate per diem allowance for TDY in excess of 180 days to be set at 55% of the locality per diem rate.
01 NOV 14
01 NOV 14
09/29/14 101-14

SUBJECT: UTD/CTD for MAP 101-14(E)/CAP 101-14(E) – Military Working Dogs. SYNOPSIS: Allows certain travel and transportation allowances that a Military Working Dog handler may claim for travel and transportation of a Military Working Dog.
01 NOV 14
30 JUN 14
09/04/14 145-14

SUBJECT: UTD for MAP 145-14(I) -- POC Distance for Specialty Care. SYNOPSIS: Clarifies that the distance for POC travel between the lodging location and the specialty care provider facility and between transportation terminals and home or the specialty care provider facility should be based on odometer readings.
0 NOV 14
01 SEP 14
08/28/14 144-14

SUBJECT: MAP 144-14(I) -- Update MIHA Security Locations Effective 1 Oct 2014 1. SYNOPSIS: Updates MIHA security locations in App N2, effective 1 October 2014.
0 NOV 14
01 OCT 14
08/28/14 143-14

SUBJECT: MAP 143-14(I) -- Update MIHA Security Locations Effective 1 Sep 2014. SYNOPSIS: Updates MIHA security locations in App N2, effective 1 September 2014.
0 NOV 14
01 SEP14


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