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Immediate Changes

No. Date Added Item No. Synopsis Appears in Regulation Effective Date
11/10/15 106-15

SUBJECT: UTD/CTD for MAP/CAP 106-15(E) -- Checked Baggage Fees. SYNOPSIS: Authorizes reimbursement for the first checked bag when not included in the transportation ticket price. The AO may authorize or approve charges for the second or subsequent bag when necessary and in the Government's interest. This is in accordance with FTR, par. §301-12.2.
01 DEC 15
28 OCT 15
11/04/15 135-15

SUBJECT: UTD/CTD for MAP/CAP 135-15(I) -- Reference Corrections -- Par. 7025-F. SYNOPSIS: Corrects internal JTR references contained in JTR, par. 7025-F concerning emergency leave while TDY.
01 DEC 15
02 NOV 15
10/30/15 116-15

SUBJECT: UTD/CTD for MAP/CAP 116-15(E) -- Conference Registration Fee. SYNOPSIS: Clarifies that a Conference Registration Fee is a reimbursable travel expense and a Registration Fee for a training course is a mission expense.
01 DEC 15
28 OCT 15
10/30/15 112-15

SUBJECT: UTD/CTD for MAP/CAP 112-15(E) -- Recreational Vehicle Use for TDY Lodging Costs. SYNOPSIS: Clarifies what may be claimed as a lodging expense for the use of a personally-owned recreational vehicle for TDY to align with the FTR 301-11.12.
01 DEC 15
28 OCT 15
10/21/15 129-15

SUBJECT: UTD/CTD for MAP/CAP 129-15(I) -- Flat Rate Per Diem Allowance. SYNOPSIS: Corrects JTR, par. 4250-A1c in par. 4250-A3 to read par. 4250-B3 that was changed under MAP/CAP 77-15(E) published in October 2015 JTR monthly change.
01 DEC 15
01 OCT 15


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