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Updated: 12/08/2014
Travel Advisories and FTR/FMR Bulletins
Updated: 12/21/2012

JTR Changes

No. Date Added Item No. Synopsis Appears in Regulation Effective Date
12/08/14 183-14

SUBJECT: UTD for MAP 183-14(I) -- HHG CONUS Unusually Arduous Sea Duty. SYNOPSIS: Corrects references in par. 5296-C2 to authorize HHG transportation from CONUS PDS to unusually arduous sea duty.
01 JAN15
01 JUN 14
11/04/14 174-14

SUBJECT: UTD for MAP 174-14(I) – Restricted Tour Kyoga-Misaki, Japan. SYNOPSIS: Establishes a 12-month dependent restricted tour for Kyoga-Misaki, Japan effective 14 November 2014.
01 JAN15
14 NOV 14


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