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JTR - Changes
Updated: 01/08/2015
Travel Advisories and FTR/FMR Bulletins
Updated: 12/21/2012

JTR Changes

No. Date Added Item No. Synopsis Appears in Regulation Effective Date
01/08/15 04-14

SUBJECT: UTD for MAP 004-15(I) -- PCS with TDY En Route Near Homeport. SYNOPSIS: Corrects par. 5046 to authorize per diem when TDY en route at or near the homeport and member does not commute to TDY from permanent quarters.
01 MAR 15
01 JUN 14
01/06/15 192-14

SUBJECT: UTD for MAP 192-14(E) -- Limit TDY Periods for Non-Medical Attendants to 30-Day Increments. SYNOPSIS: Limits the issuance of orders for non-medical attendants to 30-day increments from the date of issuance or the date of amendment to extend the order.
01 FEB 15
06 JAN 15
01/05/15 03-15

SUBJECT: UTD/CTD for MAP 03-15(I)/CAP 03-15(I) -- Tour Length for Romania and Poland. SYNOPSIS: Establishes a 12-month dependent restricted tour for Deveselu, Romania and Redzikowo, Poland effective 2 January 2015.
01 MAR 15
02 JAN 15
12/30/14 196-14

SUBJECT: UTD for MAP 196-14(I) -- Temporary BAH Increase Extended to 31 December 2015. SYNOPSIS: Extends SECDEF authority to prescribe a temporary increase in BAH rates in an area declared as a major disaster area by the President, or at an installation experiencing a sudden increase in the number of members assigned. The current authority expires 31 December 2014, but FY15 NDAA, section 602, extends that authority to 31 December 2015.
01 FEB 15
01 JAN 15
12/30/14 186-14

SUBJECT: UTD/CTD for MAP 186-14(I)/CAP 186-14(I) -- CY 2015 Mileage Rates. SYNOPSIS: JTR implementation of calendar year (CY) 2015 mileage rates per GSA FTR Bulletin 15-02 published in 30 December 2014 Federal Register. The bulletin establishes the new CY 2015 privately owned vehicle (POV) reimbursement rates for official temporary duty and relocation travel, found in the attached changes.
01 FEB 15
01 JAN 15
12/29/14 193-14

SUBJECT: UTD for MAP 193-14(I) – TDY Limits for Designated Individuals Accompanying Hospitalized Members. SYNOPSIS: Specifies that designated individuals that accompany members who are hospitalized as a result of a combat wound or injury cannot have orders extended beyond 30 days from the amendment/modification of an authorization/order.
01 FEB 15
18 DEC 14
12/22/14 188-14

SUBJECT: UTD for MAP 188-14(I) -- DLA Rates Effective 1 January 2015. SYNOPSIS: Increases the DLA rates effective 1 January 2015 based on the monthly pay raise of 1.0% IAW 37 USC §1009 and Executive Order signed by the President on 19 December 2014.
01 FEB 15
01 JAN 15
12/18/14 190-14

SUBJECT: UTD for MAP 190-14(I) -- No TLE for Selected Reserve with Limited PCS Allowances. SYNOPSIS: Corrects references in par. 5434-erroneously allowing TLE for a Selected Reserve with Limited PCS allowances.
01 FEB 15
01 JUN 14
12/08/14 183-14

SUBJECT: UTD for MAP 183-14(I) -- HHG CONUS Unusually Arduous Sea Duty. SYNOPSIS: Corrects references in par. 5296-C2 to authorize HHG transportation from CONUS PDS to unusually arduous sea duty.
01 JAN 15
01 JUN 14
11/04/14 174-14

SUBJECT: UTD for MAP 174-14(I) – Restricted Tour Kyoga-Misaki, Japan. SYNOPSIS: Establishes a 12-month dependent restricted tour for Kyoga-Misaki, Japan effective 14 November 2014.
01 JAN 15
14 NOV 14


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