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Immediate Changes

No. Date Added Item No. Synopsis Appears in Regulation Effective Date
11/02/17 144-17

SUBJECT: UTD/CTD for MAP/CAP 144-17(I) -- Multiple Alternate Destinations for FEML. SYNOPSIS: Reinserts the language that a traveler may select multiple alternate destinations for Funded Environmental Leave (FEML) in APP S. This authority was inadvertently omitted in the rewrite.
01 DEC 17
01 MAY 17
10/18/17 140-17

SUBJECT: UTD for MAP 140-17(I) -- Command Sponsorship Only Required at Member's PDS OCONUS. SYNOPSIS: Modifies the language to include that all dependents are authorized safe haven allowances except non-command sponsored dependents at the member's PDS OCONUS. Also clarifies a dependent who remained at a member's previous PDS is also authorized evacuation allowances. These are clarifications from the previous language.
01 DEC 17
01 AUG 17
10/16/17 122-17

SUBJECT: UTD for MAP 122-17(E) – Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) Unique - Denmark. SYNOPSIS: Authorizes OHA Unique Expenses to reimburse Service members receiving OHA in Denmark who must pay mandatory renovation costs upon departure from local housing.
01 DEC 17
10 OCT 17


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