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Excellence in Practice Award Winners

Excellence in Practice Awards 2017 – THE ICON:  Defense Logistics Agency Travel Services

 The Icon is a military service major command or Defense agency team that has, with exemplary professional skill, successfully communicated and provided guidance for travel-­‐related updates, plus facilitated a visible enhancement in travel program capabili0es for its subordinate sites. This year's recipient is Defense Logistics Agency  Travel Services.

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Travel Services supports DoD's largest logistics combat support agency, providing worldwide logistics support in times of peace and war to the military services, civilian agencies, and foreign countries. DLA Travel Services consists of 18 employees organized into four teams, with each focusing on a different travel program area -Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC), Travel Compliance, Defense Travel System (DTS), and Permanent Change of Station (PCS).

Operating  in  a  virtual  environment,  DLA  Travel  Services  uses  innovative  solutions  to  manage  and  enhance  its program.  They  use  two  secure  centralized  email  inboxes;  one  inbox  serves  as  a  platform  to  communicate  DTS, compliance, and GTCC information and as a helpdesk for all DLA customers, and another for PCS inquiries and to proactively  communicate  PCS-related  information.  The inboxes are managed and monitored by multiple team members' crossed-­trained in all travel areas to avoid a single point of failure. Use of these centralized email inboxes has proven to be successful with at least 95% of the DTS, compliance, and GTCC questions answered on the spot and a 2.5-hour average response -me for PCS inquires.

To enhance its travel program, DLA Travel Services centralized and streamlined the COL Training certificates process to ensure proper AO permissions and DTS access. The team conducts random sampling of DTS profiles and corrects any non‐compliant profiles.  These internal management controls, proactive efforts, and accountability reviews reduce the risk of inappropriate granting of permissions and access within DTS.

Travel Compliance Post Pay Audit Review (PPR), DD577 and COL Compliance, and Agency Program Coordinator Mandatory Reports are three unique enhancements developed to increase auditability and ensure DLA travelers are compliant with travel policies and regulations. The DLA internal PPR conducts a monthly 15% random audit of all approved vouchers from the DTS "Expense Report by Document Name" report. Compliance Officers use a streamlined checklist that mirrors the DFAS audit checklist as well as the DTMO Compliance Tool and work with LDTAs to correct the issues. This team utilizes trend analyses to quickly spot compliance weaknesses across the enterprise, providing a better way forward in audit sustainment.

To help ensure APC compliance with GTCC Regulations, DLA Travel Services developed a GTCC Mandatory Reports Form to validate that APCs are running the eight mandatory reports and two optional reports at least once per cycle. The  team  generates  the  Special  Features  Info,  Basic  Traveler,  and  Account  Info  listings  monthly  supporting  the current employee profile checks to iden3fy and correct invalid emails, specific role(s), and/or missing or expiring GTCCs.

To  assist  communicating  with  customers,  the  team  manages  a  DLA  Travel  webpage,  ensuring  it  is  kept  up-to-date with current travel information and links to pertinent travel resources, travel help aids, points of contact, DLA policy memoranda, and DLA Impact Notices. There is also a DLA Travel Hot Button that highlights important, timely information.

The   team   maximizes   the   use   of   all   available   resources   to   promote   learning   including   hands-on   experience, teleconferences, quick references and online demonstrations. To support travelers requiring one-on-one assistance with technical issues, the team uses screen sharing to assist DLA customers and provide personalized DTS support. The  team  also  presents  at  all  New  Hire  Orientations,  instructing  on  the  DTS  basics,  steps  for  in-processing,  and provides key travel links and points of contact for assistance.



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